Friday, February 8, 2008


What we know, thus what we understand about the circumstances that occur in our own lives, is based on our perspective. Perspective is relative; it is a point of view that can morph and change over time. For some seasons our perspectives stay the same based on what we know to be fact. Other times, knowledge is gained and we change the state of our own ideas.

For example, in childhood, we want to know “why” all the time. We unknowingly are shaping our perspective by our inquiring of others. In asking “why” as a young child, we can only hope that those who are helping to shape us, our perspective, can be trusted. Still, some say it is our lack of perspective that protects us when we are children. Only later in life are we able to look back on our past and see the big picture; it is then that we decide what perspective we will take.

In my own life, there have been many times when I have been able to examine an event and choose my outward response despite my initial inward reaction all because of the perspective I have gained through life. I believe our vines begin to bloom when we gain knowledge in this capacity. I’m not convinced it wouldn’t be rash to try and approach all of life’s events this way though. We still have to honor whatever process may be necessary to get to our chosen destination.

My truths now are different than the truths I believed in childhood. Growing up, I believed our upstairs hallway was so long that one day I could get married in it if I wanted to. I also believed lyrics in one of Billy Idol’s songs were “running bulldozer” instead of “ride the pony,” and I didn’t realize that not everyone knew what being loyal meant.

Today, I believe that there is absolute truth. I believe now that there are things I am not meant to understand. Comfort can be found in this truth, so can anger. It isn’t the things we face, but instead, how we choose to face them. Since there are things I am not meant to understand, I don’t believe I’d like to pretend I know how to be in control. I think I’ll live by faith and find out “why” when God decides it’s time.

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Brenda Susan said...

You are a great read! I just sat here in my comfy chair & read all your posts & loved every word. I'll be checking back with you again if I can figure out how to save fav blog sites & get back to them again. :)