Thursday, January 24, 2008

Welcome to Lady Town

Once you've hit the mark where a ten year high school reunion has come and gone, you start to realize many things. Way to many things.. Things this gal can't keep locked inside her head anyway. Welcome to Lady Town - my wonderful world of not so divine revelations.

Lady Town is open for occupancy and I am here with big, bold, all caps letters to tell you the TRUTH. The girlfriends guide to what really goes on during an average day of a mom on a mission. You may be surrounded by loved ones with awesome intentions and loaded to the hilt will all kinds of advice – from back in the day none the less; God bless your poor soul. Not only cuckoo clocks that share similar strands of DNA with you will try to compare battle stories, I promise, cross my heart in fact that absolute strangers will also put in their two cents of crap on any subject at hand (including me).
I truly believe there is no better way to navigate the mysteries of womanhood and keep our selves sane in the process than to dish the dirt with the girls. It does not matter if you live in rural Montana or New York City – girlfriends are like gold, a very valuable treasure.
Hopefully, you have a great group of friends like mine where you feel you can say anything and after a few margaritas around the fire pit, “anything” gets even better. If not, join us. We welcome you with loving arms and bold stories that might leave you gawking in horror or laughing so hard you just might pee your pants. Either way, it’s girl time – and anything goes.

WARNING: What this blog is not. This blog should not, under any circumstances be used as a replacement to professional advice or instructions provided by any licensed professional in any given field. I do not claim to have any expert or academic training on being a modern mom beyond having given birth to three vivacious girls and the capability to relay gossip or use the Google search engine on my computer. This is strictly mommy talk. Nuggets of information shared willingly with you, our newest member of the Lady Town Charter.

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