Monday, February 4, 2008

A Big Thank You!

I was told by a reader (who loves my writings) to visit a blog at:

I admire Heather Armstrong's writings and I enjoy the ability to be entertained by her crafting of words and insights. I respect people who put themselves on the line and talk about their thoughts, life, and struggles. It doesn't matter if I always agree, sometimes agree, or never agree; judgement is reserved only for one entity.

I was reading her notes about receiving more hate mail when her family got another puppy. It made me laugh and interestingly it made me rally behind her as a fan.

How ironic things can be sometimes. Just today, I seem to be experiencing the same thing because the hits on my blog have almost doubled in less than twenty-four hours.

Note to self: Don't be nice, offend some stuffy stay-at-home mom and a surge in your blog hits will ensue plus fans will come out of the woodwork to support you. I learn something new everyday.

Thoughts To Ponder: Some people take themselves way beyond serious.

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