Sunday, February 24, 2008

Family Battle

Some semblance of hell visited my house this past week. It showed up in the form of the pukies, high temperatures, missed school, and mommy overload. After three whole days of,
“Mommy can I have more Sprite?”
“Mommy my wash rag is hot.”
“Mommy I threw up.”

I had a migraine headache so big it was wildly waving its middle finger at the slew of narcotics I was trying - unsuccessfully to do battle with. In the spirit of not leaving any man behind I do have to give props to Geronimo for holding down the fort every single night; he did so with the “family sense of duty” I so admire in him. But anyway, I digress.

This migraine had taken the base of my neck hostage and diverted soldiers into both of my eyeballs. After one heating pad, cold washrag, a trip to visit the porcelain throne where I sacrificed my dinner to the brutal beast, and twenty straight hours of uninterrupted sleep (as uninterrupted as it can get with two small children screaming at the top of their lungs every few minutes or so) I awoke to shower and explain three days worth of homework to a less than interested Sensei.

Three hours after starting that whole adventure…..I ditched the last three assignments on Geronimo and began my own preparation for a speech I have to deliver first thing in the morning! No worries, I completed the outline and now I’m giving it a rest before I have to memorize the whole damn thing, less I look like a complete fool.

Inhale - exhale.

Crap, I can feel those little bastards reassembling the troops.

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